We’ve all been in that moment, where you look back at the toilet and see it won’t flush. If not, you are one of the lucky ones. From an over-flowing toilet to one that is constantly running, you know you have a problem. Now you have to decide how to solve it.

Unless you have a good friend or plumber in the family, you have two options. Ask Google, or get your toilet serviced by a professional. The first option is great for small fixes. Replacing small pieces, or just a quick fix to get by. The problem is most of these quick fixes or small replacements can lead to bigger problems down the line, if not done correctly. Am I getting the right piece? Why is this problem happening again, when I just quick fixed it yesterday? These are thoughts that may go through your head when fixing things yourself. We are all for people trying to fix a problem, but we are here to help when you can’t or the problem persists!

The second option is to hire a professional. How do you know who to hire? Our opinion is to look at reviews. You are inviting someone into your home, so you want to make sure who you are using is safe and professional. That being said you want something convenient. You already have to deal with something broken in your house, so hire someone who is available. Reddi is available 24/7! Reviews are a great way to see previous customers experiences with that company. No one is happy about something breaking in their home, but you will be much happier when it is fixed quickly and correctly!

We hope you never have to go through the horrors of plumbing problems. If it happens, we encourage you to give us a call. Reddi is here to help 24/7 in Wichita and we are experts!