Family owned & operated since 1969.

One Company, Many Services. WE ARE REDDI

Wichita Plumber


Reddi Root'r has highly skilled plumbers that will get the job done the first time, every time. No hidden costs.

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Wichita Air Conditioning Service Technician


Reddi HVAC services all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners. Call today for a service call.

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Carpet Drying Fans


Providing complete disaster restoration services due to fire, wind or rain/water or other damage.

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Wichita Waste Disposal


Reddi Environmental helps Wichita safely and effectively treat and dispose of non-hazardous waste and spill cleanup.

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Residential Sprinklers


Reddi Irrigation services all sprinkler system brands, providing you with a variety of solutions to meet all your sprinkler needs.

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Wichita Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Offering commercial and residential services all year around to make sure your lawn and landscaping always look great!

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Wichita Electrical Repair


Providing electrical, lighting and wiring services to commercial and residential clients in South Central KS.

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Wichita Fencing Contractor


Reddi Fence is your full-service, commercial and residential fencing contractor. Call for a free estimate today!

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It's not just in our name, it's in our everyday commitment to our customers. We are Reddi. Always ready to help. 

Family-owned and operated for over 40 years, we provide many home and commercial services in the Wichita, KS area. We deliver top-notch plumbing, electrical, sewer/drain, irrigation, lawn care, and fencing. That's right, one call can do it all-and no project is too big or too small.

By choosing Reddi, you are choosing a job done right the first time. Our courteous live phone operators are ready right now to answer your calls, and our highly-trained staff and service teams are ready to help. Straight-forward pricing and upfront written estimates ensure you will be charged by the job, and not the hour. Call us today and give us the chance to prove our reputation for superior service. One question remains: are you ready? Give us a call, 316-681-3382.

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Does it All

24/7 Service No Overtime Free Estimates
Plumbing Wichita 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service Wichita Plumbing Service with No Overtime  
Drain Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Service Wichita Drain Cleaning Service with No Overtime Free Estimates Drain Cleaning Service
Trenchless Pipe Repair Wichita 24/7 Emergency Trenchless Pipe Repair Service Wichita Trenchless Pipe Repair with No Overtime Free Estimates on Trenchless Pipe Repair
Sewer Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Sewer Cleaning Service Wichita Sewer Cleaning with No Overtime Free Estimates on Wichita Sewer Cleaning
Septic Tank Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Septic Tank Cleaning Service   Free Estimates on Wichita Septic Tank Cleaning
Wood Privacy Fences Wichita 24/7 Emergency Wood Privacy Fences   Free Estimates on Wichita Wood Privacy Fences
Iron Fences Wichita 24/7 Emergency Iron Fences   Free Estimates on Wichita Iron Fences
Chain Link Fences Wichita 24/7 Emergency Chain Link Fences   Free Estimates on Wichita Chain Link Fences
Vinyl Fences Wichita 24/7 Emergency Vinyl Fences   Free Estimates on Wichita Vinyl Fences
Commercial Fences Wichita 24/7 Emergency Commercial Fences   Free Estimates on Wichita Commercial Fences
Temporary Fencing Wichita 24/7 Emergency Temporary Fencing   Free Estimates on Wichita Temporary Fencing
Residential Electricians Wichita 24/7 Emergency Residential Electricians Wichita Residential Electricians with No Overtime  
Commercial Electricians Wichita 24/7 Emergency Commercial Electricians Wichita Commercial Electricians with No Overtime  
Backup Generators Wichita 24/7 Emergency Backup Generators Wichita Backup Generators with No Overtime  
Interior & Exterior Electrical Wichita 24/7 Emergency Interior & Exterior Electrical Wichita Interior & Exterior Electrical with No Overtime  
Heating & Furnaces Wichita 24/7 Emergency Heating & Furnaces Wichita Heating & Furnaces with No Overtime Free Estimates on Heating & Furnaces
Air Conditioning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Wichita Air Conditioning with No Overtime Free Estimates on Air Conditioning
HVAC Service & Repair Wichita 24/7 Emergency HVAC Service & Repair Wichita HVAC Service & Repair with No Overtime Free Estimates on HVAC Service & Repair
Sprinkler System Repair Wichita 24/7 Emergency Sprinkler System Repair Wichita Sprinkler System Repair with No Overtime Free Estimates on Sprinkler System Repair
Sprinkler System Start-up Wichita 24/7 Emergency Sprinkler System Start-up Wichita Sprinkler System Start-up with No Overtime Free Estimates on Sprinkler System Start-up
Sprinkler Winterization Wichita 24/7 Emergency Sprinkler Winterization Wichita Sprinkler Winterization with No Overtime Free Estimates on Sprinkler Winterizatio
Backflow Certification Wichita 24/7 Emergency Sprinkler Backflow Certification Wichita Sprinkler Backflow Certification with No Overtime Free Estimates on Sprinkler Backflow Certification
New System Installation      
Lawn Care Wichita 24/7 Emergency Lawn Care Wichita Lawn Care with No Overtime Free Estimates on Lawn Care
Landscape Maintenance Wichita 24/7 Emergency Landscape Maintenance Wichita Landscape Maintenance with No Overtime Free Estimates on Landscape Maintenance
Tree & Shrub Trimming Wichita 24/7 Emergency Tree & Shrub Trimming Wichita Tree & Shrub Trimming with No Overtime Free Estimates on Tree & Shrub Trimming
Snow Removal Wichita 24/7 Emergency Snow Removal   Free Estimates on Snow Removal
Carpet Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Carpet Cleaning   Free Estimates on Carpet Cleaning
Disaster Restoration Wichita 24/7 Emergency Disaster Restoration   Free Estimates on Disaster Restoration
Air Duct Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Air Duct Cleaning   Free Estimates on Air Duct Cleaning
Tank Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Tank Cleaning   Free Estimates on Tank Cleaning
Pipe Cleaning Wichita 24/7 Emergency Pipe Cleaning   Free Estimates on Pipe Cleaning
Hydrojetting Wichita 24/7 Emergency Hydrojetting   Free Estimates on Hydrojetting
Waste Cleanup Wichita 24/7 Emergency Waste Cleanup   Free Estimates on Waste Cleanup
Spill Cleanup Wichita 24/7 Emergency Spill Cleanup   Free Estimates on Spill Cleanup
Mobile Vac Truck Wichita 24/7 Emergency Mobile Vac Truck Cleaning   Free Estimates on Mobile Vac Truck Cleaning
Municipal Services Wichita 24/7 Emergency Municipal Services   Free Estimates on Municiap Services